2021 Conference – Call for Proposals

The proposal deadline for workshops has passed. We are still accepting proposals for networking roundtables and group practices/classes until Friday, January 15. See also sponsorship opportunities.

conference participants engage in a yoga game during the 2017 event

2021 Theme: Better Together

The most commonly used English translation of the word Yoga is “to unite.” Our 2021 conference theme is all about connection to each other.

The experience of the past year has brought the importance of interconnectedness into clearer focus than ever. Positive relationships are one of the five pillars of resilience, along with self awareness, mindfulness, and self care. We are seeking proposals that illustrate how yoga for youth can support positive relationships and build a supportive community.

graphic about proposing workshops

About the Conference

The conference will be held online via a mix of live-interactive workshops, live panel discussions or Q&As, recorded presentations, and roundtable discussions. 

  • April 16-18 – The kick off weekend with live, interactive workshops, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities 
  • April 19-April 30Pre-recorded presentations released for self-paced viewing, live Q&As
    ** possible premium intensive workshops (4+ hrs) the weekend of April 24-25 **
  • May 1closing day of live presentations.

    Recordings of live presentations will be available within 2 weeks of the original air date and registered participants will be able to view missed sessions for 6 months following the conference.

The National Kids Yoga Conference typically draws participants from a wide variety of contexts for sharing yoga with children and youth – yoga studios, classroom teachers, counselors, social workers, therapists, extracurricular instructors and program directors, community and social service organizations, and more.

This is a great opportunity for children’s yoga teacher schools to get in front of new students. Many participants attend this conference specifically to get to know the different offerings in the kids yoga training community. Many presenters and sponsors meet people who later show up on their training rosters.

It’s also a great opportunity for collaboration and community learning. Presenters and participants have experience teaching in a wide variety of educational contexts. Year after year, conference participants report taking away a myriad of ideas for enhancing their work with youth, program offerings, and even their personal relationship with Yoga.


The conference will be looking for proposals for both beginning and more experienced youth yoga instructors working in a variety of educational settings as well as a balance of interactive vs presentation formats from topics emphasizing: 

  • community,
  • diversity, 
  • policy/advocacy, 
  • research/evaluation, 
  • practical tools, 
  • program implementation – schools, business, etc, – or
  • sustainability,
  • teen conference, or 
  • tools for parents**.

**New (and possibly only) this year will be a Tools for Parents track. We anticipate content from this track to be offered at a special price for parents who wish to share yoga with their own children but who are not interested in other topics of the conference. The parents track, however, will be open to full conference participants, so these presentations could be both targeted to parents and offered as master classes. 

Proposal Evaluation

The NKYC team is looking for creative proposals that focus on aspects of yoga for children and adolescents.  Each proposal will evaluated on clearly articulated:

  • Focus on yoga for youth and
    • physical development,
    • social-emotional development
    • mindfulness, 
    • meditation, 
    • health and wellness, or
    • social justice and equity.
    •  (other)
  • Learning objectives
  • Workshop/presentation structure
  • Participant experience 
  • Presenter(s)’ demonstrated expertise in at least one of the following aspects of yoga for youth: 
    • teaching, 
    • business, 
    • sustainability, 
    • inclusion and diversity, or 
    • research.
  • Uniqueness of presenter or perspective.


Proposers will be asked to commit to one of the following formats in their proposal either live or recorded with optional live Q&A:

  • Presentation (slides/speaker) + Q&A
  • Interactive workshop (participant co-creation, breakout sessions, etc)
  • Masterclass (a youth yoga class for a student demographic or topic)

Types could be combined as appropriate, especially for longer workshops. Workshops could be 60 min, 90 min, or 3 hr intensives.

group practice at 2016 conference

The conference is also seeking instructors and facilitators for the following offerings (application links below):

Masterclasses are part of a workshop. They might include students from the demographic (case-by-case) or workshop participants as the students. 

Networking roundtable discussions are facilitated discussions, but do not involve significant presenting by the facilitator The participants should be driving the conversation. If you want to present, that’s a workshop.

Practice classes are in any style for the conference participants to enjoy and do not include discussion afterward. If you want to discuss your teaching choices, that’s a masterclass in a workshop

The deadline for submitting a proposal for facilitated discussions AND group practices is DIFFERENT than the deadline for workshop proposals. You have until Friday, January 15 to submit a facilitated discussion or group practice.

Honorarium and Conference Participation

NKYC is offering an honorarium for each presenter to help offset the cost of time and energy it takes to prepare and share their expertise. You have the opportunity to donate all or a portion of your stipend to YoKid (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity) to support the National Kids Yoga Conference and our scholarship participants. Additionally, each workshop presenter will receive a complementary full conference pass and a discount code to share with friends and colleagues.

  • Breakout Workshop Facilitation* – $150 (60 min), $180 (120 min) + conference registration
  • Group Practice Class (45 min) – conference registration
  • Discussion facilitation (45-60 min) – conference registration
  • Keynote presentations and 3-4 hour intensives – variable

Finally, workshop facilitators, practice teachers, and discussion facilitators will have the option of being conference affiliates and earning a percentage of registrations they generate from their networks.

*Note for panel discussion organizers: We are not able to offer an additional honorarium for panelists, we can, however, offer your panel participants a 50% discount to the conference and the affiliate opportunity.


Proposals are due by Friday, January 8, 2020 Sunday, January 10, at 5 pm EST. We anticipate making offers to presenters starting in mid-January and confirming the entire schedule by early February.

The proposal deadline for workshops has passed. We are still accepting proposals for networking roundtables and group practices/classes until Friday, January 15.