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4/1618:30 EDTAbby WillsOpening Event: The HeART of Teaching: Fueling Our Collective Motivation with GenerosityThe strength of a movement lives in the clarity of its motivation and supportive relationships built on generosity. In this group reflection, we will honor the roots of Yoga that connect us all, tap into the power of our shared purpose and inspire our path forward with a vision for our collective potential. We are a movement of peace, health, and liberation. Through generosity of heart and in action, we build trust, connection and uplift our whole community. Let us consider what each of us can contribute to the whole to manifest a more equitable, cohesive, resourced and sustainable movement.Live Workshop
4/1709:00 EDTDanielle D'SouzaMovement Class - Rise & Shine Yoga Fow(45 min) Join the community for a mindful, energizing movement practice designed to give you a boost of energy to start your day. Danielle will guide you through a flowing sequence of yoga postures, inviting you to explore your body and breath - moving together with other participants, while honoring your own energy. The class will end with a guided meditation and sound session, inviting in calm, ease, and focus to allow you to return to your day mindfully.Movement Class
4/1709:00 EDTMichelle MitchellMovement Class - Mindful Movement(45 min) Join Pure Edge for a mindful movement class designed to help build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus, and relaxation. Based on the principles of breathe, move, rest, this class is accessible to all.Movement Class
4/1709:15 EDTNallely AlcocerFamily Yoga: Toddler & Preschooler Move, Breathe, Play (toddler-5 yrs, with caregiver)Toddler Family Yoga invites your little one to practice yoga and mindfulness through stories, games and adventures. In this interactive class, your little one will improve strength, body awareness and coordination, will learn simple breathing techniques and will be encouraged to express ideas and feelings. The class is designed around a theme that promotes learning and supports social emotional development.Family Program
4/1710:00 EDTMarsha Banks-HaroldCompassionate Action: Trauma, Wellness, and Social JusticeEmbracing the intersectionality of trauma, wellness and social justice creates an opportunity to explore the compassionate action framework: implementing self-study, building relationships, amplifying resiliency, and fostering compassionate action. Tapping into the tools and practices of yoga and yoga therapy prepares our community to create compassionate sharing experiences where all beings are honored and valued. This authentic interactive session will propel each participant to continue the individual and collective work necessary to utilize tools, resources, education, and creativity to ensure that a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is standard operating procedures in the yoga, yoga therapy, mindfulness and SEL communities.Live Workshop
4/1711:30 EDTCezarina TroneMoving from Mindful Learning to Mastery as An Embodied TeacherBeing in our head makes it hard to enjoy a tangible effect in our work with children. Experience practical tools of embodied movement and breathing to support your personal and teaching life with an enhanced grounded sensitivity in the body. Take the journey of mindfulness (noticing with the mind) to wholeness (entering into a deeply felt relationship with the world around us). Learn the difference between presence & presentation mode and practice fun embodiment exercises for testing times. We cannot work or will our way to wholeness but we can play our way there.Live Workshop
4/1711:30 EDTKira WilleyThe Magic of Music: Using Rhythm & Song to Calm, Focus, and Fully Engage Kids!In this dynamic, experiential workshop—full of immediately actionable ideas—musician, author and kids’ yoga instructor Kira Willey will teach you how to incorporate rhythm & song seamlessly into your classes in order to captivate (and keep!) kids’ attention. You’ll learn how to use music to create predictable, calming structure and ease transitions, and will have a blast creating your OWN songs and rhythm games with Kira’s guidance. Learn how to use music as a teaching tool, and give children tools to release stress, while helping them focus their energy. This workshop is not to be missed—practical, high-energy, and FUN!Live Workshop
4/1711:30 EDTLeanne WhittingFamily Yoga: Be Like a Tree (ages 5-11 with caregiver)This class playful, interactive combines two kid favorites: storytelling and yoga. Participants will embody the story by taking on the feelings, emotions, and the physical movements (yoga poses) throughout. The class will include mindful practices, breath awareness and physical movement, while fostering self-awareness, building confidence and using empathy for oneself and others as an underlying theme.Family Program
4/1711:30 EDTRashmi Bismark, Melissa Shah, and Archaa ShrivastavDemonstrating Cultural Responsiveness in Kids YogaYoga as we know it today has influenced and been influenced by many spiritual traditions. Its ethics of nonviolence, honoring inner nobility, and radical love, have inspired social justice movements across the world. Are there ways to include the cultural relevance of these ancient practices with the kids we teach? Investigate ways of acknowledging roots and diverse cultural expressions of yoga with three South Asian-American yoga and mindfulness teachers. Together we will explore concrete strategies of cultural responsiveness that honor the spacious hearts and curious minds of the children and families we serve.Live Workshop
4/1711:30 EDTSarah HendersonIncluding Kids with Disabilities and DifferencesIt can be overwhelming as a teacher when a child with a disability or difference such as ADHD, sensory concerns, or anxiety comes to your yoga class. This workshop will introduce you to some techniques to easily adapt your teaching and include kids with more ease. We will unpack some of the fears and frustrations we might hold around serving these unique kiddos. Together we will brainstorm about strategies and ways to adapt for the children we serve. And we will build a community of support by connecting with other like-minded kids yoga and mindfulness teachers.Live Workshop
4/1713:00 EDTChristyn Schroeder and Jessica GeilfussParent Workshop: Grounded Happy Family: Daily Practices for Connecting with Each Other and WitthinWe know the benefits for our families when both children and adults practice yoga and mindfulness, but there is even more benefit when we weave these moments into our days TOGETHER! Join Christyn and Jessica from KidPowerment as we discuss family sadhana, daily practices, to create mindful touch points throughout the day, ease transitions, nurture the mind/body/soul, and to enhance family togetherness. We will explore physical (asana) practices, mindful moments, meditations, breathing exercises, Ayurvedic practices, and discussion prompts to implement throughout your day. Make everyday moments magically mindful to inspire connection to each other and to what is greater.Family Program
4/1714:30 EDTApra BhanderiMovement Class - Movement through Meditative Music(45 min) One of the easiest ways to connect to your inner self is through music. When you combine that with flow, breathing and freedom in your movements the combination creates a beautiful meditation practice that is both soulful and mindful.
Feel calm and energized by learning to move rhythmically using music, freedom of movement and your breath.
Movement Class
4/1715:30 EDTJennifer Cohen HarperNavigating Anxiety and Building Resilience: Practices for ChildrenChildren are living through a rising tide of anxiety as they navigate a changing world. The symptoms of anxiety can overwhelm children, diminishing joy and interfering with learning, relationships and wellbeing. Our kids need skills to help them manage big feelings, and adults need tools they can implement effectively in classrooms, clinics and homes.

Using movement and breathwork proactively, in ways that build personal power, can help children access resilience and thrive even when facing significant challenges. Join Jennifer to explore how to help children meet stress with inner strength, transforming what they believe they are capable of.
Live Workshop
4/1716:45 EDTAruna Kathy HumphrysWhat to Teach in a First Kids Yoga ClassThe first class is pivotal! It sets the tone and creates an impression that influences whether children and youth participate in future classes, and if you get invited back. If you’re sometimes unsure of what to do in that first class, whether at a new venue or first-class ever, put our experience to work for you:

Explore the vital info you need for a successful lesson plan. Receive a Planning Checklist to feel confident you have everything you need. Get your questions answered, your presenter will share 20 years of business experience. Connect with other teachers about favorite first-class activities.
Live Workshop
4/1716:45 EDTErin CooneyMindful Movement and Social Emotional LearningJoin us for an experiential session designed to support the integration of SEL and mindful movement. While experiencing breathe, move, rest strategies participants will explore CASELs 5 competencies through the lens of supportive relationships, strengthening co-regulation with others, and building interaction skills that support practical application of SEL.Live Workshop
4/1716:45 EDTLoraine RushtonYoga Therapy: Solving the Issues of Children TodayIf you work with children or teens in today’s world, one of the issues you will undoubtably face is the health and wellbeing issues they are experiencing. We’ve all heard the statistics and the numbers are startling…ADHD, depression, stress & anxiety, asthma, allergies, diabetes, and obesity are reaching epidemic proportions.Live Workshop
4/1716:45 EDTSonjoria SnydorRepresentation Matters: Inviting Black Kids to Do YogaRacial and body type biases reflected yoga marketing contribute to excluding people of color, even kids, from yoga. Author SonJoria Sydnor will share her motivation for writing Our Family’s Doing Yoga and starting a social media page to share images of black kids doing yoga. Come explore how representation in images and resources is important. Discuss how the benefits of yoga can support healing related to trauma and adverse childhood experiences, particularly for black children. Learn ways to create inclusive spaces that truly invite children of color to enjoy the rewards of yoga, which will spill over into future generations.Live Workshop
4/1717:00 EDTRyan Allen and Meghan NelsonFamily Yoga: Breathing, Being, and Belonging in the Heart & Home (all ages)In the rush and dash world we live in, too often it’s our meaningful family time that gets compromised. In this 1-hour session, you’ll have time to explore space, to reconnect with the people you love the most, and to re-inspire and re-invigorate your family experience by breathing together, moving and playing together, and by celebrating the joy of simply being together in your self's purest, most deeply conscious state. In our time, we'll play games and practice partner and small group poses that build teamwork and strengthen the bonds of kinship that lead to greater familial awareness of the energetic exchange within relationship dynamics. And after the fun journey of yoga play, we'll transition into the magic of yoga nidra, the ancient art of mystical sleep, where participants will have a chance to develop greater personal awareness of the body, breath, thoughts, feelings and emotions that manifest a safe, trauma & resilience-informed space within the home. Open and accessible to all family shapes and sizes.Family Program
4/1718:00 EDTCrystal McCrearyYoga & Mindfulness to Bolster Emotional Intelligence and Foster Well-Resourced KidsThe collective sense of grief brought on by the past year, as destabilizing as it is, presents yoga, mindfulness, SEL educators, and allied professionals with a powerful role to play in shifting from a generally committed stance on holistic wellness to one that prioritizes self-care as the gateway to social justice and community healing. Inequity and oppression in their innumerable forms fragment us as individuals and erode the social systems we exist inside of, and our kids, the most vulnerable among us, feel the brunt of this inequity. To support our kids to heal, learn and thrive in a traumatizing world that disrupts mind-body resiliency, we can model and engage yoga and mindfulness practices in ways that foster emotional awareness and community care.Live Workshop
4/1718:30 EDTRachel Glowacki & Sputnick The BandFlow and Float to Live MusicCelebrate the kids’ yoga movement together through LIVE music, energizing flow, yoga nidra and connection. An all level class to practice and participate in what we teach our students. The best kind of teacher is one that is a student. Let’s be students together and move to Indie Space Rock music with Genie and Nigel from Sputnik the Band and 3rd time presenter, Rachel Glowacki from Next Generation Yoga.Live Workshop
4/1809:00 EDTEnrique CollazoMeditation - Dog Mind vs Lion Mind(45 min) In this class, we will use the metaphor of the dog mind vs lion mind and speak to creating space in the mind and inclining the mind towards kindness.Meditation Class
4/1809:00 EDTJess PurtellMovement Class - Yoga Flow(45 min) All levels yoga flow. A class designed for everybody. Learn how to use your breath, move your body, and have fun! Useful props: set of blocks.Movement Class
4/1810:00 EDTCourtney HartAdapting Meditation for Trauma-Sensitive Kids YogaPick up a book or do a quick search and you can easily find meditations to try with your yoga students. Is meditation always right for every person, though? Excellent for yoga teachers, educators, and mental health providers, this workshop uses a trauma-sensitive lens to teach about the risks and benefits of meditation for young people. Attendees will explore commonly taught practices and how they can affect children who may have experienced trauma. They will learn trauma-sensitive practices that can provide similar benefits and ways to teach meditation and mindfulness in trauma-sensitive ways that support and empower young people.Live Workshop
4/1810:00 EDTJennie AbbotBreathwork for KidsBreathwork for children has incredible benefits, but can be challenging to deliver, especially for children who are very young, resistant, or have special needs. We will cover a large variety of ways to incorporate breathwork into daily practices in ways that children love, so that educators feel confident and prepared to help children learn to connect with breath and learn how to calm their bodies, minds and hearts.Live Workshop
4/1810:00 EDTKeval Kaur Khalsa, Kenneth Strickland, and Mshinda Middleton-BrownEstablishing a Yoga Program in a Title I School: Lessons from the FieldThe non-profit Y.O.G.A. for Youth is collaborating with R.N. Harris Elementary School, a Title I school in Durham, North Carolina, to integrate yoga into the school curriculum. School and program staff will share the school’s rationale for embracing yoga, a brief synopsis of Y.O.G.A. for Youth’s 20+ year history, and the evolution of this collaboration. They will share mistakes and best practices learned along the way.Live Workshop
4/1814:30 EDTErin CooneyMovement Class - Mindful Movement(45 min) Join Pure Edge for a mindful movement class designed to help build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus, and relaxation. Based on the principles of breathe, move, rest, this class is accessible to all.Movement Class
4/1814:30 EDTJan Pratt and Lenora DeganMovement Class - Fun & Games(45 min) We will explore games and activities that bring in the principles of yoga in fun ways.  Practice converting simple, classic children’s games into yoga games. Have fun moving and playing. All levels welcome.Movement Class
4/1815:30 EDTCamilia (Mimi) FeltonKickstart Your Yoga Small Business: Ten Steps to Grow and ThriveKids yoga teachers have a gift to share with the world, but building a yoga business requires a whole different set of skills and knowhow than teaching a great class . . . or does it? This workshop is for teachers just starting their business journey to explore business strategies that empower them to share yoga with more children and youth. Learn about basic business needs, marketing plans, ideas for expanding your teaching opportunities, and more.Live Workshop
4/1815:30 EDTJocelyn Kay LevyBringing Yoga Philosophy & Ram Dass Teaching to Kids through Mindfulness & MusicDive into how yoga philosophy can come alive and engage kids through music, meditations, and mindfulness. On this, the 50th anniversary of Ram Dass’ seminal book ‘Be Here Now’, she shares how to masterfully weave in teachings from him and other great yogis and wisdom keepers, such as Krishna Das, Jack Kornfeld, Sharon Salzberg and others. She will give hands on tools to help children: be present; explore spirituality; connect to their hearts and to each other. And will share strategies for how to connect and integrate kids/family programming to enhance retreats and festival experiences for adults.Live Workshop
4/1815:30 EDTSarah HerringtonSilence and Voice: Bringing Creative Writing into the Kids and Teens Yoga ClassroomLayer your lessons with language! In this class, you’ll learn why and how creative writing helps children (grades 3-12) develop strong social-emotional skills, awareness of inner and outer worlds, confidence, resilience and a stronger relationship with themselves. You’ll experience sample youth writing exercises, will receive a library of prompts and exercises to bring into yoga and mindfulness lessons (or to try AS the mindfulness lesson). Writing can give reluctant yogis a safe space to explore their feelings and minds; sharing can build community, empathy, and the deep understanding that everyone’s story has value.Live Workshop
4/2613:00 EDTAna HansenPatanjali’s Yoga Sutras for ChildrenHow do Patanjali's Yoga Sutras apply to help today's children? The Sutras gives us a map of how to solve the mind's problems and come to a place of joy. The text offers way beyond just the Yamas and Niyamas. Patanjali offers kids a way of overcoming emotions and working through problems healthily. The Four Parts of Chittam, Kleshas, and the True Nature of Yoga are topics that will be covered. Children can learn how to manage emotions by transforming the knowledge of the Sutras to creative energy. The Sutras’ Book One will be the highlight of this unique workshop.Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/2619:00 EDTClaire MatthewsTruly for Teens: Unifying Community Helpers to Inspire Teens Though YogaThis 90 minute practical workshop identifies five elements community helpers can implement to unify the way teens experience yoga.

Non yoga teachers will learn how to bring the benefits of yoga and self-inquiry to teens. Yoga teachers, these elements will provide you with a sustainable and profitable teen yoga program.

This unified and systematic approach to yoga practice and philosophy guarantees the teens you work with healthy strategies to finding calm plus physical and emotional fitness.
Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/2712:00 EDTKeillen Curtis and William DrewKnow the Laws to help build your Mindfulness BusinessThis class is designed to review the relationship between 1st Amendment, Title vii of 1964 Civil Rights Act and subsequent cases (reviewed by Keillen Curtis, Esq of Curtis Law LLC, legal counsel to Healing House Yoga LLC) as context to present best practices used by Healing House Yoga LLC and its sister business to attract and gain clients in schools, school districts and governments including the City of Minneapolis during shelter in place orders per Covid-19 and after the murder of George Floyd (presented by William Drew, owner of Healing House Yoga LLC).Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/2719:00 EDTLani Rosen-GallagherMindful Yoga Breaks: A Trauma Informed Approach to Classroom YogaIn this course, participants will learn practical tools and techniques that will help manage their emotions, so they can find calm, peace, joy and gratitude–even when things feel out of control. The activities and sequences you will learn can be turned into 5-to-20-minute breaks to help manage the everyday stress and anxiety that kids, teachers, parents, and caregivers are experiencing. This course takes a trauma-informed approach to working with children and addresses the current state of mental health in kids and adults alike.Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/2913:00 EDTLara HocheiserCreating Meaningful Connections with Our StudentsWhen we make meaningful connections, the children we serve feel safe and open. With trust, we can demonstrate the relevance of our teachings so the kids can make a personal connection to the content.

With tools as powerful as yoga and mindfulness, how can we ensure the children have takeaways they will readily apply in their lives? Relationship building, substantive content, and authenticity are keys to forging bonds that teach the deeper meaning to empower kids to build a life practice. Let’s explore how to go deeper together.
Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/2918:00 EDTLaura McEganPositive and Playful Behavior Management & Boundary Setting in Kids YogaDo you ever feel out of control in your classes? Or feel that the children aren’t listening or respecting you?

Children’s behavior isn’t something that is ‘wrong’ with the child but actually the way in which their brain and nervous system respond to situations. We can learn to understand how this works, why they behave in certain ways and how to cultivate positive decision making and support healthy behavior within each child.

Discover practical, actionable steps in which you can implement positive behavior management strategies in your kids yoga classes to enhance the overall learning of each individual child.
Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/2919:00 EDTLeanne WhitingStory and Yoga as a Tool for a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in an Elementary ClassroomNow more than ever, children need to build resilience and confidence in an environment where they feel safe, seen, heard, and understood. This workshop will engage you in practical tools for teaching yoga through story within a culturally responsive pedagogy. Teaching through story helps children develop socially and emotionally as they relate to their emotions through character relation and understanding. Teaching a culturally relevant pedagogy is one where students, teachers, and administrators engage in healthy cultural relationships with each other and the whole school community. This workshop will connect yoga to these practices while providing practical tools for your classroom.Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/3012:00 EDTLouise GoldbergSelf Awareness: the Path to Empathy and AhimsaTo increase children’s empathy and compassion for others, we must first help them become better observers of themselves. This is a process that can be taught organically through yoga. Research suggests that the same network of neurons is used to perceive our own and others’ feelings. By observing the breath, bodily sensations, and the activity of the mind, children learn to tune in to their own –and ultimately others’ –feelings.

In this presentation, Louise Goldberg draws on research and shares routines from her book Classroom Yoga Breaks to enhance self-awareness and promote connections among children.
Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/3013:00 EDTMaia HorsagerSequencing an Engaging Yoga Flow for Kids Ages 7 and UpLearn how a consistent yoga pose and activity sequence can simplify your yoga lesson planning and enhance your teaching for any yoga class, in a regular classroom or as a yoga break during the day. Using a core sequence helps children learn yoga quickly, keeps them engaged, gets them moving, and is fun. Your core sequence can be shortened, lengthened, made it more exciting and silly, or adapted for older students. A consistent sequence that students master with repetition can help build community and engagement with diverse populations while helping students gain control of their bodies and their minds.Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
4/3019:00 EDTSharon PrattPeacekeeping through Nature and Play for an Overstimulated PreschoolerNature soothes an unregulated nervous system and shifts a stuck focus. Explore strategies for addressing challenging emotions and technological overstimulation of preschool-aged children by offering authentic opportunities to learn and play with a focus on sensory experiences that are the core of early childhood development. This session will give easy, useful strategies to bring mindfulness and peaceful behavior into the home and classroom by blending yogic and Reggio Emilia-inspired philosophies. We will explore 7 simple, yet profound activities and their benefits for holistic learning and returning to our natural rhythms.Pre-Recorded, Live Q&A:
5/109:00 EDTGill McCleanMovement Class - Mindful Movement(45 min) Join Pure Edge for a mindful movement class designed to help build strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, focus, and relaxation. Based on the principles of breathe, move, rest, this class is accessible to all.Movement Class
5/109:00 EDTMarlene BoyetteMovement Class - Rise & Shine Yoga(45 min) An energetic all levels morning practice, focused on the heart chakra!Movement Class
5/110:00 EDTGill McCleanMindful Movement and Social Emotional LearningJoin Pure Edge for an experiential session designed to support the integration of SEL and mindful movement. While experiencing breathe, move, rest strategies participants will explore CASELs 5 competencies through the lens of supportive relationships, strengthening co-regulation with others, and building interaction skills that support practical application of SEL.Live Workshop
5/110:00 EDTLauren CroweCreating Inclusive Children’s Classes for the LGBTQIA+ CommunityWhat does a safe and inclusive space look like in kids yoga for LGBTQIA+ youth? This interactive session is meant to equip educators with the tools to actively support ALL of their students including LGBTQIA+ children and allies. This session will allow kids yoga teachers the ability to provide unity in their practice for students regardless of their gender or sexuality. If you are looking to learn positive tools to better your kids yoga practice for all children, this session will provide you with the knowledge to make your practice safe for LGBTQIA+ children.Live Workshop
5/110:00 EDTMeg DurkinKids Yoga and Our Need to Belong: Building Community in Your Classes and BeyondDuring this interactive workshop we will explore what it means to belong in a yoga community. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow created a pyramid to describe the hierarchy of human needs. Building upon physiological and safety needs is the psychological need of belongingness. As a community of teachers of children, we will delve into some practical ways to create community with your students and their families. By proactively building community you will be modeling inclusivity and the five core competences of social and emotional learning, plus building a strong client base that will want to continue to attend your programs.Live Workshop
5/110:00 EDTNallely AlcocerPractices to Guide a Virtual Toddler Yoga ClassTeaching toddlers is fun and challenging. They are very active and curious. The virtual setting is a new format for nearly everyone and brings with it some challenges; there are distractions at home, toddlers have a short attention span, and yoga as a class is often a new practice. In this workshop you will learn how to design and structure an engaging and dynamic virtual yoga class for toddlers and engage and keep the attention of little ones (and their parents).Live Workshop
5/111:30 EDTCatherine Cook-Cottone, Sat Bir KhalsaUnderstanding the Science and Research on Yoga for Children and AdolescentsIn easy to understand language, this session will review the science of how yoga works, its impact on physical functioning, self-regulation of stress/emotion, awareness and mindfulness and on positive psychological states. We will also review the scientific evidence documenting the benefits of yoga for clinical conditions in children/adolescents and on yoga in public schools. This session will provide valuable resources that will enable participants to understand, convey and promote the known benefits of yoga using scientific languaging and evidence that will have more influence and impact with policy makers, health care providers and school administrators.Live Workshop
5/114:00 EDTJoanie WoodwardMovement Class - Laughter Yoga(45 min) Come connect and build community, since laughter is contagious and a universal language. In this workshop we will explore the yoga concept of monkey mind and how to transform its wild thoughts that separate us, instead uniting through laughter, deep belly breathing, and meditation. We will practice being silly, playfully, stomping, clapping and chanting, laughing and learning yoga exercises and meditations with the science behind it. This is an experiential opportunity, there upon you can simply and confidently implement it to your kids yoga, social-emotional and mindful programs.Movement Class
5/114:00 EDTNicole SmithMovement Class - Embrace Your Best Self(45 min) Focus on embracing your best self. Meeting yourself where you are and bringing awareness to your thoughts and body sensations. This yoga flow is followed by a meditation to help build your confidence on and off the mat.Movement Class
5/115:00 EDTBari KoralYogapalooza: The Best Tools for Yoga and Mindfulness NowThe right music and activities create a magical discipline in the classroom which gets to the heart of children’s love of yoga and relaxation. Join beloved kids/family recording artist and kids yogi Bari Koral in this workshop as she weaves you through yoga adventures that children adore!

Brimming with new hit songs and activities learn a teddy bear yoga class, unicorn yoga, mermaid yoga, star relaxation and more. Bari is known world wide for creative content and activities that keep children hooked and highly engaged with yoga. Tap into your own creativity and get ready for something magical in your pocket. Enjoy some new music & mindfulness that will add to your magic wand to create calm.
Live Workshop
5/115:00 EDTDonna FreemanFrom Chaos to Control: Managing Your Kids Yoga Business BooksYou’re a yogi. You love all things yoga and mindfulness and want to share it with the world. You start a business. There are bills, receipts, invoices, tax considerations, and more. What’s a yogi to do?

This workshop will delve into how to organize your business so that you can get to the good stuff of teaching kids yoga. We’ll explore how to take your bookkeeping from chaos to control with simple manageable steps and procedures.

Reduce your stress as a business owner and take charge of your financial books.
Live Workshop
5/115:00 EDTPooja ViraniEmbodied Empowerment: Creating Safer & More Diverse Yoga Spaces TogetherHow do we as kids yoga, mindfulness educators, and activists evolve our own behavior to create equitable, diverse, and safer spaces which empower our students? Learn about how power dynamics come into play every time you teach in a school or studio setting and how you can step forth as a leader and empower yourself, your students, and others to benefit from yoga’s history and culture.Live Workshop
5/117:30 EDTStefanie PiatkiewiczEstablishing Self-Care and Well-Being Through SEL & BoundariesAs an educator/instructor, any caring adult who works with students, you play a critical role in building capacity in your students’ lives; you are required to manage students’ feelings and behaviors. From safety concerns to dysregulated students, you often face high-stress situations that may leave you feeling burnt-out and uninspired. In order to be the best and most effective version of yourself for your students, it is imperative that you work to take care of your own mental health and well-being first; balancing the needs of SELF with the needs of the SOCIAL, without projection, assumption, or excessive self-sacrifice.Live Workshop
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7th Annual Conference Event

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Registration will be available until 10 am on May 1. Recordings are posted within a week of the live workshop date and will be available until October 2.