Keynote Presenters – 2021 Annual Conference Event Schedule

4/1618:30 EDTAbby WillsThe HeART of Teaching: Fueling Our Collective Motivation with GenerosityThe strength of a movement lives in the clarity of its motivation and supportive relationships built on generosity. In this group reflection, we will honor the roots of Yoga that connect us all, tap into the power of our shared purpose and inspire our path forward with a vision for our collective potential. We are a movement of peace, health, and liberation. Through generosity of heart and in action, we build trust, connection and uplift our whole community. Let us consider what each of us can contribute to the whole to manifest a more equitable, cohesive, resourced and sustainable movement.
4/1710:00 EDTMarsha Banks-HaroldCompassionate Action: Trauma, Wellness, and Social JusticeEmbracing the intersectionality of trauma, wellness and social justice creates an opportunity to explore the compassionate action framework: implementing self-study, building relationships, amplifying resiliency, and fostering compassionate action. Tapping into the tools and practices of yoga and yoga therapy prepares our community to create compassionate sharing experiences where all beings are honored and valued. This authentic interactive session will propel each participant to continue the individual and collective work necessary to utilize tools, resources, education, and creativity to ensure that a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is standard operating procedures in the yoga, yoga therapy, mindfulness and SEL communities.
4/1715:30 EDTJennifer Cohen HarperNavigating Anxiety and Building Resilience: Practices for ChildrenChildren are living through a rising tide of anxiety as they navigate a changing world. The symptoms of anxiety can overwhelm children, diminishing joy and interfering with learning, relationships and wellbeing. Our kids need skills to help them manage big feelings, and adults need tools they can implement effectively in classrooms, clinics and homes.

Using movement and breathwork proactively, in ways that build personal power, can help children access resilience and thrive even when facing significant challenges. Join Jennifer to explore how to help children meet stress with inner strength, transforming what they believe they are capable of.
4/1718:30 EDTRachel Glowacki & Sputnick The BandFlow and Float to Live MusicCelebrate the kids’ yoga movement together through LIVE music, energizing flow, yoga nidra and connection. An all level class to practice and participate in what we teach our students. The best kind of teacher is one that is a student. Let’s be students together and move to Indie Space Rock music with Genie and Nigel from Sputnik the Band and 3rd time presenter, Rachel Glowacki from Next Generation Yoga.
4/1811:30 EDTRashmi Bismark, Melissa Shah, and Archaa ShrivastavDemonstrating Cultural Responsiveness in Kids YogaYoga as we know it today has influenced and been influenced by many spiritual traditions. Its ethics of nonviolence, honoring inner nobility, and radical love, have inspired social justice movements across the world. Are there ways to include the cultural relevance of these ancient practices with the kids we teach? Investigate ways of acknowledging roots and diverse cultural expressions of yoga with three South Asian-American yoga and mindfulness teachers. Together we will explore concrete strategies of cultural responsiveness that honor the spacious hearts and curious minds of the children and families we serve.
4/1818:00 EDTCrystal McCrearyYoga & Mindfulness to Bolster Emotional Intelligence and Foster Well-Resourced Kids

The collective sense of grief brought on by the past year, as destabilizing as it is, presents yoga, mindfulness, SEL educators, and allied professionals with a powerful role to play in shifting from a generally committed stance on holistic wellness to one that prioritizes self-care as the gateway to social justice and community healing. Inequity and oppression in their innumerable forms fragment us as individuals and erode the social systems we exist inside of, and our kids, the most vulnerable among us, feel the brunt of this inequity. To support our kids to heal, learn and thrive in a traumatizing world that disrupts mind-body resiliency, we can model and engage yoga and mindfulness practices in ways that foster emotional awareness and community care.

This topic is essential for children's yoga, mindfulness and SEL teachers because our kids are having a hard time with the present state of our society because WE are having a hard time. This workshop will introduce participants to a framework for sharing yoga and mindfulness as resources for mind-body awareness and wellbeing but will also ask us to consider ways to dismantle harmful beliefs and agreements in order to embody yoga principles and skillfully and compassionately navigate the challenges of the time.

5/111:30 EDTCatherine Cook-Cottone, Sat Bir KhalsaUnderstanding the Science and Research on Yoga for Children and AdolescentsIn easy to understand language, this session will review the science of how yoga works, its impact on physical functioning, self-regulation of stress/emotion, awareness and mindfulness and on positive psychological states. We will also review the scientific evidence documenting the benefits of yoga for clinical conditions in children/adolescents and on yoga in public schools. This session will provide valuable resources that will enable participants to understand, convey and promote the known benefits of yoga using scientific languaging and evidence that will have more influence and impact with policy makers, health care providers and school administrators.
5/117:30 EDTStefanie PiatkiewiczEstablishing Self-Care and Well-Being Through SEL & BoundariesAs an educator/instructor, any caring adult who works with students, you play a critical role in building capacity in your students’ lives; you are required to manage students’ feelings and behaviors. From safety concerns to dysregulated students, you often face high-stress situations that may leave you feeling burnt-out and uninspired. In order to be the best and most effective version of yourself for your students, it is imperative that you work to take care of your own mental health and well-being first; balancing the needs of SELF with the needs of the SOCIAL, without projection, assumption, or excessive self-sacrifice.
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