Our mission is to support the adults bringing yoga and mindfulness to youth. 

The National Kids Yoga Conference supports the physical health, social-emotional learning, and self-realization of children and youth through yoga and mindfulness.

The Conference is a professional development and learning network that actively promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion among our membership, leadership and in access to yoga and mindfulness education.

The Conference inspires action, collective connection, and meaningful conversations towards implementing positive change in our communities and schools through professional learning forums. 

Our mission is to support the adults bringing yoga and mindfulness to youth. 

Since 2014, the National Kids Yoga Conference has brought together more than 1,500 children’s yoga educators to collaborate and learn from more than 200 speakers who have shared their knowledge and expertise with kids yoga educators.

NKYC participants have shared yoga and mindfulness with more than a million children and youth in the United States and Canada alone.

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