Contact Us

Like many small non-profit organizations, we all operate remotely. Here are the best ways to reach someone:

We monitor this account regularly and check it at least 15 minutes in advance of scheduled events.

Text message:

(571) 358-9642
Text messages to this number go to both Jen & Lindsay. If you are having an issue within 15 minutes of an event, texting in addition to sending an email is a good idea.


(571) 358-9642
Most of the time, no one answers this phone number, but there may be times that leaving a voice message is the best communication, so please do. We check messages at least daily and will get back to you as soon as we can.

Snail mail:

NKYC / YoKid
713 14th Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

This is someone’s house. Please don’t send promotional material that hasn’t been requested.

Social media:

Of course you can contact us there, but checking and responding isn’t quite as reliable as other methods. If you need help or a response, please start in order from the top with communications methods listed on this page.