The teen conference runs from 9:15 am Saturday April 17 to 5:30 pm Sunday April 18. (All times are in Eastern Standard Time) Teens are also welcome to join the conference kickoff event, The HeART of Teaching: Fueling Our Collective Motivation with Generosity, on Friday night.

Saturday April 17

Sunday April 18

Workshop Detail

DateTimePresenterTitleTeen Only?Description
4/1618:30 EDTAbby WillsOpening Event: The HeART of Teaching: Fueling Our Collective Motivation with GenerosityThe strength of a movement lives in the clarity of its motivation and supportive relationships built on generosity. In this group reflection, we will honor the roots of Yoga that connect us all, tap into the power of our shared purpose and inspire our path forward with a vision for our collective potential. We are a movement of peace, health, and liberation. Through generosity of heart and in action, we build trust, connection and uplift our whole community. Let us consider what each of us can contribute to the whole to manifest a more equitable, cohesive, resourced and sustainable movement.
4/1709:15 EDTWelcome and IntroductionsTeen Only
4/1710:00 EDTMarsha Banks-Harold -Compassionate Action: Trauma, Wellness, and Social JusticeEmbracing the intersectionality of trauma, wellness and social justice creates an opportunity to explore the compassionate action framework: implementing self-study, building relationships, amplifying resiliency, and fostering compassionate action. Tapping into the tools and practices of yoga and yoga therapy prepares our community to create compassionate sharing experiences where all beings are honored and valued. This authentic interactive session will propel each participant to continue the individual and collective work necessary to utilize tools, resources, education, and creativity to ensure that a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is standard operating procedures in the yoga, yoga therapy, mindfulness and SEL communities.
4/1711:30 EDTMonique SchubertYoga: Life Skills and Leadership for TeensTeen OnlyThis experiential workshop is dedicated to developing teens as enthusiastic practitioners and peer-mentors capable of sharing their love of yoga and mindfulness with their community. This 120-minute class offers a 50-minute guided practice of yoga postures, pranayama and meditation followed by a skill building session. By participating in small group teach backs, written reflections and Q&A students will gain confidence in their strengths as leaders and develop their capacity to promote yoga and mindfulness practices within their community.
4/1713:30 EDTBreak
4/1714:30 EDTApra BhandariOptional: Movement through Meditative MusicOne of the easiest ways to connect to your inner self is through music. When you combine that with flow, breathing and freedom in your movements the combination creates a beautiful meditation practice that is both soulful and mindful.

Feel calm and energized by learning to move rhythmically using music, freedom of movement and your breath.
4/1715:30 EDTSojourner Walker WilliamsDIY Skin Products: Ayurvedic Make and TakeTeen OnlyHave you ever wanted to make your own skin care products? In this workshop, you will learn about the ancient science of Ayurveda and why it’s just as important to pay attention to the ways we nourish our skin through the products we use as it is to the ways we nourish our body through food that we choose to consume. Learn about Ayurveda and the basic premise of honoring the seasons through body care routines and skin care choices. Create three simple formulations that can be used daily to nourish your skin. The chosen products will not require any heating. A supply list will be sent out upon registration. Participants will create a body wash, a body oil and a toner and will learn to adapt the recipes to honor the needs of their bodies through the change of seasons.
4/1717:00Saturday DebriefTeen Only
4/1718:30 EDTRachel Glowacki & Sputnick The BandFlow and Float to Live Musicwith Rachel Glowacki - Celebrate the kids’ yoga movement together through LIVE music, energizing flow, yoga nidra and connection. An all level class to practice and participate in what we teach our students. The best kind of teacher is one that is a student. Let’s be students together and move to Indie Space Rock music with Genie and Nigel from Sputnik the Band and 3rd time presenter, Rachel Glowacki from Next Generation Yoga.
4/189:00 EDTOptional movement class TBDWe will explore games and activities that bring in the principles of yoga in fun ways. Practice converting simple, classic children’s games into yoga games. Have fun moving and playing.
4/1810:00 EDTFernie TiflisMindfulness Connection: Breath, Movement & CommunityTeen OnlyLearn to connect with the self and others through mindful movements, breath, and self-inquiry practices. By exploring mind-body connections, we will learn to cultivate a loving presence within ourselves so that we can show up fully in our lives. Youth will gain tools to pause and self-regulate, and connect with their peers through a healing circle and restorative justice practices.
4/1811:30 EDTRashmi Bismark, Melissa Shah, and Archaa ShrivastavDemonstrating Cultural Responsiveness in Kids YogaYoga as we know it today has influenced and been influenced by many spiritual traditions. Its ethics of nonviolence, honoring inner nobility, and radical love, have inspired social justice movements across the world. Are there ways to include the cultural relevance of these ancient practices with the kids we teach? Investigate ways of acknowledging roots and diverse cultural expressions of yoga with three South Asian-American yoga and mindfulness teachers. Together we will explore concrete strategies of cultural responsiveness that honor the spacious hearts and curious minds of the children and families we serve.
4/1813:30 EDTBreak
4/1814:30 EDTLenora Degen, Jan PrattOptional Movement Class: Fun & GamesWe will explore games and activities that bring in the principles of yoga in fun ways. Practice converting simple, classic children’s games into yoga games. Have fun moving and playing.

4/1815:30 EDTSarah HerringtonMindful Writing + Meditation for TeensTeen Only

In this workshop you'll contemplate AND create. First, we'll drop into quiet and space through seated meditation practice and breathwork. Then, from that center, we'll generate new writing through creative writing exercises meant to utilize memory, imagination, and your own inner truth. You'll leave with new work and new tools for your ongoing creative practices.

For new or experienced creative and contemplative practitioners! This workshop gives teens the chance to express themselves through creative writing (hello, throat chakra!) We'll write in class---and teens are welcome to work in multiple genres from poetry to fiction to journaling. Teens will leave with tools of silence (meditation) AND voice (writing) to help them check in with themselves regularly, find center, express ALL that's on their hearts.

4/1816:30 EDTMonique SchubertFinal Practice and ClosingTeen Only

Participants are expected to attend all of the teen workshops and keynote presentations unless otherwise arranged with the teen facilitator. Additional movement practices are optional, but we ask teens to attend or notify the teen facilitator how they are spending their time in other ways. While we are not able to physically convene this year, committing to being present for as much of the conference as possible will ensure a quality learning, a retreat-like atmosphere, and safe-social environment for participants.