This experiential workshop is dedicated to developing teens as enthusiastic practitioners and peer-mentors capable of sharing their love of yoga and mindfulness with their community. This 120-minute class offers a 50-minute guided practice of yoga postures, pranayama and meditation followed by a skill building session. By participating in small group teach backs, written reflections and Q&A students will gain confidence in their strengths as leaders and develop their capacity to promote yoga and mindfulness practices within their community.

As a result of participation in this workshop students will gain:

  • an embodied experience of the effects and benefits of practicing yoga poses, pranayama and mindfulness.
  • a leadership mindset with regards to sharing their enthusiasm for yoga and mindfulness practices
  • awareness of best practices for talking about and modeling the benefits of ongoing yoga practice

Monique Schubert

For almost 20 years, Monique Schubert, has taught yoga and mindfulness in New York City and surrounding boroughs. Monique weaves her background in visual arts into her mindfulness teaching and has brought yoga into diverse cultural spaces including Socrates Sculpture Park, the Studio Museum in Harlem, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporic Art, Rush Arts Philanthropic, and the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Through collaborations with non-profits, museums and schools Monique creates engaging public programs for young people and adults. She has lead workshops in artmaking and mindfulness as part of the Retreat for Women of Color at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and currently, Monique is in her 12th year teaching yoga, mindfulness and stress management in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at the Bronx Community College.

She is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher and currently works with Kripalu as a teacher trainer and RISE facilitator.