What is “full conference registration”?

Most of the conference workshops, all of the networking sessions, the sponsor resources fair, and the movement classes are covered by one registration fee (all pricing tiers have the same access). There are a couple of exceptions:

  • the Family Program consists of one of the conference keynotes, two parenting workshops and a choice of three family yoga classes on Saturday, April 17. All family program classes are also part of full conference registration;
  • the Teen Conference is separate registration and only for teens;
  • the intensive workshops on grant fundraising and yoga therapy on April 24 are specialized 3-hour workshops that require separate registration. Participants in the full conference only pay half price but non-conference participants are welcome as well;
  • finally, the fundraiser classes with Bari Koral (families) on April 18 and Christina Abernathy and Kenneth Strickland (adults/teens) on April 25 are pay-what-you-can, open to the public for free with suggested donation as well as all conference participants.

But I’m busy during part of your conference, can I just sign up for the workshop with my favorite teacher?

The conference is a single event and you sign up for the whole thing. However, we get the demands on your time right now and that’s one of the reasons that workshops will be recorded. The other reason is that there are so many amazing presentations that you are going to have trouble choosing. Recordings will be available on the conference platform for 6 months, that’s until October 2nd. However, registration will close on May 1, so don’t wait to sign up, even if you are planning to watch in July.

Do I need to reserve individual workshops? How do I do that?

For workshops you intend to attend live, yes. Workshops will be conducted over Zoom, either meeting or webinar format. Registered participants will get an email this week with instructions on how to reserve their Zoom sessions and those links will be posted to the conference platform as well.

Zoom registration will remain open until either the workshop reaches capacity or the session starts. Many workshops will be available for day-of registration, but it is very possible that your preferred workshop will fill up, so we recommend reserving your spots this week.

If you are planning to watch the recording of a particular workshop, no need to do anything in advance. The recording will be posted to the conference platform either April 19 for prerecorded workshops or within a week of the live session.

Do you do group registrations for a discount?

Yes. Contact us for details if you are registering 6 or more participants from one school or organization.

Where Do I Find the Schedule?

Various schedule views are posted in the top menu under 2021 Conference.

You can check out descriptions of workshops or movement classes or see a visual of the whole conference.

Please note that anywhere you see a “participant access” link, you will not end up at the final destination unless you are logged in and registered. Non-registered or non-logged in users will end up redirected to the conference platform landing page. Log-in and try again.

How do I log in? Find my workshop, etc?

The 2021 conference is managed within an online course on our website. Each workshop has its own lesson page. Live sessions will happen over Zoom. You must be logged in and registered to see the content of the course. Once you have reserved your zoom sessions, you can get to workshops directly from the zoom link. You’ll want to log in again to see any posted handouts, watch pre-recorded workshops, and see the replays of live sessions you didn’t attend. Participants have access to the platform until October 2.

Below are some tips for finding your way around:

Why can’t I access the Teen Conference? Where did it go?

Unfortunately, not enough teens enrolled to run a conference this year. Teens are invited to join Sarah Herrington for a workshop on creative writing and yoga