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Posted 12 months ago by ali.popivchak

Welcome to the world of YuGo! This yoga card game sparks fun, kindness, and cooperation for all ages, with 40+ yoga-inspired activities. YuGo is interactive but not overly competitive, perfect for schools, at home, in the community, or other therapeutic settings.

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Posted 11 months ago by Young Yoga Masters

Kids Yoga Teacher Training that Counts! Navigating your way through all the types of Kids Yoga Teacher Training can be confusing and Young Yoga Masters is here to help you get on the right track from the start. Join us for the FREE: Kids Yoga Teacher Training Workshop and Check-In to meet our trainer mentors. It happens once a month and a replay is provided. Sign up now by visiting the website. Young Yoga Masters is a Yoga Alliance, Registered Children’s Yoga School, specializing in providing you with the training and tools to become a confident, successful teacher with a Certification you can be proud to put on your resume.

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Posted 11 months ago by Courtney Hart

Therefore I Learn is an intentional learning community that brings together people who are also passionate about sharing their ideas and experiences with each other. Highly qualified trainers create specialized courses and content, to share with individuals passionate about growing in wellness, both personally and professionally. Some of our courses include a 20, 40, or 95-hour certification in teaching children’s yoga and a 30-hour trauma-sensitive mindfulness training for educators. Through a connection with others, relationships develop, and people learn from others beyond their own social bubble. TIL is a developing community actively seeking to grow in opportunities for students and trainers. Our goal is to provide more than just an educational experience and to build a community centered around growth and collaboration. To learn more about Therefore I Learn, visit our website or send us an email at:

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Posted 11 months ago by Lori Skerjanz

for Yoga, Calming and Mindfulness Weighted Blankets are hugs in a blanket.  They help kids (and adults) find a frame of reference within their body so they can become more present and alert.  The body doesn't have the ability to be in the past or the future.  Your body is always in the here and now. RAVI weighted blankets are compact and portable, and they come in 3 different sizes & weights. Hug is 4.5 lbs - perfect for toddlers. Calm is 7.5 lbs and is designed for sitting. Yoga is 8.5 lbs and is the most versatile of the 3.  Perfect for sitting, laying on the couch, yoga practice and mindfulness.

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Posted 11 months ago by Cheryl Dodwell

Mindfulness-based SEL, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice for PreK-8 The Peace of Mind program works beautifully as a complement to yoga programs for children and youth. Peace of Mind includes 32 weekly, easy to follow 30-45 minute mindfulness-based lessons for PreK to Middle School. Each lesson begins with a mindfulness practice co-led by a student and builds to include brain science, kindness and compassion, mindfulness-based conflict resolution, and applications to social justice. Peace of Mind is evidence-based, teacher-created, and used nationwide in public, public charter and independent schools, after-school programs and homeschooling classrooms. Peace of Mind is by educators, for educators: we are here for you ! We offer a series of online short courses to help you get started with the Peace of Mind Program, as well as virtual (and eventually in-person!) beginning of year PD sessions for educators. The Peace of Mind community gathers to learn, share and connect at our Annual Conference in January and twice-yearly Community of Practice gatherings - open to all and free this year. Our curriculum series is written with ample educator guidance included, and we are always available for one to one conversations as you implement the Program. Peace of Mind is...

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Posted 11 months ago by Maia Horsager

Kumarah Yoga strives to provide educators, parents, and professionals with tools and resources to easily bring yoga and mindfulness to the lives of the ones they work with. Within the comprehensive website, Free Resources Library, and online store you can find lesson plans, themed yoga pose ideas, printable yoga pose cards, ABC yoga poses, mindfulness breathing techniques, and so much more all on the website! Plus, get access to online teacher trainings, continuing education, and deep dives into specific kids yoga teaching topics via Zoom workshops. The founder, Maia, has been teaching kids yoga and mindfulness full time for over 8 years and shares her wealth of knowledge from experience and over a dozen kids yoga teacher trainings that she has attended... and now leads her very own!

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Posted 9 months ago by Cici Bo

We are a family inspired yoga studio that dedicated to provide a nurturing environment by using yoga as a tool to benefit both our physical and mental wellness. Our family programs allow you to share this journey of health and mindfulness with your children. It is most beneficial to share some stress relief and mindful techniques for families who are currently coping with their children and working and learning at home to keep balance and happiness. Family and children’s yoga is a great way for bonding relationships while building a stronger body and a calmer mind. 

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Posted 11 months ago by Paul Mross

Engaging kids in physical activity is always important and it has been made more challenging in the current Covid-19 environment. Happ:y Wellness developed a fun and easy system to help kids and the adults in their life understand basic yoga concepts. Born out of playing a game of yoga twister during a research study with the Deaf and hard of hearing community, we created our initial product line. The Happ:y System includes the Happ:y Mat with visual markings, instruction cards, foam hands and feet and a video library. Our products are great for therapist, parents, grandparents, teachers and of course: KIDS! The Kids love it because it is a clear and playful way to learn and understand yoga. The adult is the room like it because it is a simple tool to practice and share yoga activity with the kids they love. We have over 100 beta-users, including Easter seals of Central California. Testimonials from Happy Users illustrate how engaged the kids really are, like the one mom who shared her 4-year-old son now uses our system to teach yoga to his stuffed animal. Our idea is simple: introducing kids to yoga basics using the Happ:y Mat System we developed...

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