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Our directory features organizations and business that offer resources and training for children’s yoga and mindfulness educators. This includes children’s yoga teacher training schools, programs that partner with schools or other yoga programs, authors and curriculum publishers, musicians, and even companies that offer specialized supplies.

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Posted 5 months ago by Maia Horsager

Kumarah Yoga strives to provide educators, parents, and professionals with tools and resources to easily bring yoga and mindfulness to the lives of the ones they work with. Within the comprehensive website, Free Resources Library, and online store you can find lesson plans, themed yoga pose ideas, printable yoga pose cards, ABC yoga poses, mindfulness breathing techniques, and so much more all on the website! Plus, get access to online teacher trainings, continuing education, and deep dives into specific kids yoga teaching topics via Zoom workshops. The founder, Maia, has been teaching kids yoga and mindfulness full time for over 8 years and shares her wealth of knowledge from experience and over a dozen kids yoga teacher trainings that she has attended... and now leads her very own!

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Posted 5 months ago by JennieAbbot

Harmony Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Company is yoga for kids! We believe in developing a life-long love of movement. It starts with curiosity and fun, and transforms into kids who are empowered emotionally, physically and mentally. It’s based entirely on the needs of kids, whether in a studio class or classroom setting. Featuring age-appropriate movement and activities, our specially-designed programs leave kids feeling positive, upbeat and more connected to themselves and each other. Harmony Kids Yoga and Mindfulness offers: PD Workshops to Empower Educators Adventure in Imagination Video Series for Children Harmony Kids Kits for Yoga at Home Courses for Educators, Parents and Healthcare Professionals Props and Programs for Yoga in the Classroom We are proud to offer tools and resources for Educators and Parents to bring Yoga and Mindfulness to the home or classroom. Integrate breathing, healthy movement and relaxation into your every day with tools that kids love! Harmony Kids Yoga thrives on constantly being inspired as well as learning from it’s students, in our mission to provide lifelong tools for healthy living and inner harmony.

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Posted 4 months ago by Cici Bo

We are a family inspired yoga studio that dedicated to provide a nurturing environment by using yoga as a tool to benefit both our physical and mental wellness. Our family programs allow you to share this journey of health and mindfulness with your children. It is most beneficial to share some stress relief and mindful techniques for families who are currently coping with their children and working and learning at home to keep balance and happiness. Family and children’s yoga is a great way for bonding relationships while building a stronger body and a calmer mind. 

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Posted 5 months ago by Paul Mross

Engaging kids in physical activity is always important and it has been made more challenging in the current Covid-19 environment. Happ:y Wellness developed a fun and easy system to help kids and the adults in their life understand basic yoga concepts. Born out of playing a game of yoga twister during a research study with the Deaf and hard of hearing community, we created our initial product line. The Happ:y System includes the Happ:y Mat with visual markings, instruction cards, foam hands and feet and a video library. Our products are great for therapist, parents, grandparents, teachers and of course: KIDS! The Kids love it because it is a clear and playful way to learn and understand yoga. The adult is the room like it because it is a simple tool to practice and share yoga activity with the kids they love. We have over 100 beta-users, including Easter seals of Central California. Testimonials from Happy Users illustrate how engaged the kids really are, like the one mom who shared her 4-year-old son now uses our system to teach yoga to his stuffed animal. Our idea is simple: introducing kids to yoga basics using the Happ:y Mat System we developed with therapists. The Happ:y Yoga Activity Starter Kit combines all our system in one place and includes the latest version of our Happ:y Mat for kids, a baker’s dozen of Happ:y Instruction Cards, access to the Happ:y Video Library for those activities, a set of movable hands and feet and basic user instructions. The Happ:y Mat for Kids is black with white printed animals, shapes, and other markings. This heightened contrast makes it accessible for visually impaired and cognitively challenged individuals. The Happ:y Mat was developed with input from our therapy beta-users and has been shown to engage kids and is simple to use for the adults in the room. To enhance understanding, we created a set of Happ:y Activity Instructional Cards designed to address multiple learning modes. Each activity card shows an illustration of the pose on the Happ:y Mat on the front. On the back of the card, you will see steps for doing the pose, a diagram of the mat with hand and/or foot placement, and a QR code that links to animated instructions in our online library. The cards are also color-coded as categories of activity to help focus the yoga practice. These include Strength, Balance, Stillness, Flexibility, and Movement. The library provides animations that show how to do the yoga poses and activities displayed on the instructional cards. This Happ:y Action Figure demonstrates the activities along with recorded instructions. Directions for performing activities will include options for standing and seated in a chair. For added play, we have our Happ:y Hands and Feet. These are great tools to help in directing foot and hand placement and can also be used to play games with your kiddos. Made of eighth-inch thick, non-skid foam these Hands and Feet can be cleaned with soap and water. Since we want to help parents, teachers and therapists keep their kiddos engaged with playful activities, we thought it would be a good idea to continue the fun throughout the year. We offer a 3 or 6-month subscription service to a Happ:y Activity of the Week Club. We think kids will be excited to open a weekly email and find a new activity to practice. With the power of this digital content, we want to encourage kids to continue playing and having fun with the Happ:y Yoga Activity Starter Kit. Happ:y stands for Healthy Accessible Products and Programs: Yoga and more! Accessibility,...

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Posted 1 month ago by Sofia Lawrence

Growga Professional Continuing Education LEARN TECHNIQUES TO IMPLEMENT SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING THROUGH MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS, AND PLAY.   Trainings for youth development professionals exploring: Mindfulness basics & social-emotional learning competencies, How to create conditions for mindful & social-emotional learning, Mindful & social-emotional learning teaching techniques & methodologies

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Posted 4 months ago by LeanneWhitting

Grow A Lotus Yoga focuses on teaching children's yoga through story. We focus on teaching yoga in schools, teaching teachers and other professionals. Our book, Be Like A Tree was a best seller in 2019 is used worldwide as an opportunity to teach children yoga through story!  

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Posted 5 months ago by LauraMcegan

Leading Yoga Alliance Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings online & worldwide: A therapeutic, playful and educational approach to children’s yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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Posted 5 months ago by belljennam

Creating positive change through yoga + mindfulness. Our mission at Challenge to Change is to teach lifelong wellness skills benefiting the mind, body, and spirit of people of all ages.  We focus primarily on the practices of fitness, yoga, meditation, and daily mindfulness.

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Posted 7 months ago by Jennifer Mueller

The mission of Breathing Space is to support healthy families through yoga and wellness education. Breathing Space yoga classes include age-appropriate postures and movement, breathing exercises, meditation or mindfulness activities, games, songs and even art for for children, from newborn through the teen years. We offer weekly classes, camps and other programs at a variety of community partner locations near Capitol Hill as well as at schools around the Washington DC area. Our wellness programs support families during the transformative time of pregnancy, birth, and early childhood. Offerings include parenting education, breastfeeding support, infant massage, and baby sign language.

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