Camelia Felton

Camelia (Mimi) Felton is a 200RYT Yoga Teacher, a KAY Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, A YYB Trauma-Informed yoga instructor, a Certified Meditation Instructor & a Reiki ll Practitioner. She also has a host of other trainings and workshops that aid her in teaching yoga to kids and their families.

Mimi’s Yoga Kids is a grassroots company created by Mimi in 2018. She started the company with the goal and mission to teach kids and their families yoga through four key elements. They are mindfulness, inner peace, meditation and imagination. It is very important for Mimi that she teaches from her truth. Teaching and sharing the many benefits of yoga to underserved communities is very close to her heart.

Camelia is also very passionate to help others create, start and grow their yoga company. Having a clear vision and plan is key. She is delighted to help on that journey.

Camelia (Mimi) Felton – Kickstart Your Yoga Small Business: Ten Steps to Grow and Thrive

15:30-17:30 EDT Sun Apr 18 Kids yoga teachers have a gift to share with the world, but building a yoga business requires a whole different set of skills and knowhow than teaching a great class . . . or does it? This workshop is for teachers just starting their business journey to explore business strategies […]


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February 12, 2021