Happ:y Wellness Products

The Happ:y Mat was realized while working with the deaf and hard of hearing community. Some of the students had issues understanding basic foundational concepts like where to place their feet. After cutting out pictures of feet and placing them on their mats, Paul Mross was inspired to think of how to use the basic yoga mat in a more effective way.

That formation became our first Happ:y Mat, which included the measuring tape at the edges for objective assessments. Today, we have 3 Happ:y Mat designs and movable hands and feet. They allow the teacher or therapist to continue the play of twister on the Happ:y Mats or on any surface.

We are here to help students and clients learn and understand complex concepts and ultimately empowering them. We fulfill that intention every day by helping yogis, therapists, teachers, students, and many more stay happy and well. Read more about Happ:y



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February 23, 2021