Keillen Curtis

Keillen Curtis, Esq. is a commercial law attorney who is counsel to charter schools primarily located in the metro area of the Twin Cities. Prior to representing charter schools, he represented commercial clients who were vendors and consultants to charter schools. He then began representing after interacting with more executive directors who noticed his careful and methodical approach to litigation and especially being sensitive to cultural issue not noticed by other firms that represent to proposed to represent them.

Currently he serves as counsel to several charter schools in the metro area in Minnesota. Some of his larger clients include Metro Schools, Universal Academy and Dugsi Academy. He also helps with pre-operational schools guiding founding boards on the startup process, facility assistance and training. He helps his clients think through entity formation, employee governance, contract negotiation and when necessary arbitration/litigation. He helps schools understand transactions from a legal perspective as well as a business perspective.

Keillen is admitted to practice in the state of Minnesota and the U.S. District Court District of Minnesota.

Keillen is currently a Board Director at Open Cities Health Clinic. He also volunteers with LegalCorp.

Keillen Curtis & William Drew – Know the Laws to Help Build Your Mindfulness Business

This class is designed to review the relationship between 1st Amendment, Title vii of 1964 Civil Rights Act and subsequent cases (reviewed by Keillen Curtis, Esq of Curtis Law LLC, legal counsel to Healing House Yoga LLC) as context to present best practices used by Healing House Yoga LLC and its sister business to attract […]


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March 7, 2021