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Kumarah Yoga is dedicated to bringing yoga and mindfulness to kids of all ages and backgrounds. We strive to educate teachers, families, and anyone who works with kids on the methods and benefits adding yoga, movement, and mindfulness into the lives of the kiddos we work and live with. Yoga should be a fun and easy to implement tool for all kids, to help them learn healthy habits, emotional regulation, and balanced social skills. Learn the skills and gain access to some of the best tool and strategies for teaching kids yoga and mindfulness, no matter where you are!

Kumarah Yoga was founded by an educator and yogi who is passionate about equity and inclusivity. She has been in schools full time teaching yoga to kids ages 3-15 for 8 years. Her experiences and stories provide invaluable insight into the world of kids yoga, especially with families of all backgrounds.


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March 8, 2021