Lara Hocheiser

Lara is the Founder of Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, a Registered Children’s Yoga School, and the author of the My Yoga Workbook series, and hundreds of lesson plans, blogs, and courses. The curriculum and lesson plans Lara has written have been adopted by thousands of individuals, schools, and school districts nationwide.  Lara graduated cum laude with a B.A. in Spanish from Roanoke College (Salem, VA). After she received certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RTY, RCYT), she started her own business, Flow and Grow Kids Yoga, and garnered notoriety for her training programs across the Northeast, which are now offered virtually. Lara has trained more than 300 people in the field of children’s yoga.

Lara has worked in the early childhood education sector for 19 years and has over 15 years of experience studying, teaching, and living the yoga path. She has taught more than 9,000 early childhood classes to date. Lara’s yoga registered children’s yoga schools provide worldwide access to teacher training. Her classes are featured on Kidpass, and she continues to provide live online and in-person classes to children.

Lara and her family live in Brooklyn, New York.


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February 12, 2021