Leanne Whiting

Portrait of Leanne Whiting

Leanne Whiting is an educator, author, facilitator, and mother renowned for her creative and playful methods of teaching through story. Leanne is the founder of Grow A Lotus Yoga, a school dedicated to embodying the practices of yoga through movement, mindfulness, and empathy. She has developed Getting to the Heart of the Matter (Engaging in Compassionate Conversations) a leadership development program for self-awareness and empathic communication to help individuals and organizations navigate challenging conversations. Leanne is the author of Be Like A Tree, a children’s yoga book and resource for families and teachers. The book has yoga illustrations woven throughout the story to foster movement through story with a sense of playfulness and connection to nature, while building self-awareness, confidence and empathy. Leanne is a Master’s of Education student at St. Francis Xavier University where she is developing her thesis on the experiences of yoga in the elementary classroom.

Leanne Whiting – Be Like A Tree Family Yoga Class (Family Program / Masterclass)

This playful, interactive masterclass offered on the conference Family Track combines the use of story and yoga. Participants will embody the class by taking on the feelings, emotions, and the physical movements (yoga poses) throughout the story. The class will include mindful practices, breath awareness and physical movement, while fostering self-awareness, building confidence and using […]

Leanne Whiting – Story and Yoga as a Tool for a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in an Elementary Classroom

Now more than ever, children need to build resilience and confidence in an environment where they feel safe, seen, heard, and understood. This workshop will engage you in practical tools for teaching yoga through story within a culturally responsive pedagogy. Teaching through story helps children develop socially and emotionally as they relate to their emotions […]


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February 12, 2021