Maia Horsager

Maia is a 7th year Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher at Prodeo Academy in Minneapolis, MN.  She has been teaching yoga, mindfulness, and movement full-time to kids for over 8 years.  She has trained in Yoga Calm, Little Lotus, Super Stretch, Street Yoga, Baptiste, KiddingAround Yoga, and Mindful Schools. She received her YTT certification from Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center 10 years ago.

Maia is also the founder of Kumarah Yoga, an online resource for kids yoga and mindfulness teachers in studios and public schools around the world.  She leads teachers in an Online Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training and loves helping teachers learn new ways to add yoga and mindfulness into their curriculum, and also help established kids yoga teachers deepen their training. She is especially passionate about teaching yoga to kids with an equity mindset, making sure that yoga can be accessible to all kids of all backgrounds. In her free time, Maia enjoys reading, camping, hiking, and spending time with her cats, of which she has three.

Maia Horsager – Sequencing an Engaging Yoga Flow for Kids Ages 7 and Up

Learn how a consistent yoga pose and activity sequence can simplify your yoga lesson planning and enhance your teaching for any yoga class, in a regular classroom or as a yoga break during the day. Using a core sequence helps children learn yoga quickly, keeps them engaged, gets them moving, and is fun. Your core […]


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February 12, 2021