Pooja Virani is a Pain-Free Movement Specialist and Social Justice Consultant on a mission to spread joy, foster equality, and help people reach their highest potential. She is certified in Kripalu Yoga & Meditation, Kids’ Yoga, and Acroyoga. She has practiced yoga for over 15 years and taught it all over the word, most recently in Bali, Indonesia. Pooja specializes in Rehabilitative Yoga for Injury Prevention & Pain Relief, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC Yoga, and Social Justice Education for Yoga Teachers, Community Leaders, and Businesses.

Pooja believes in “yoga for everyone” and aims to make yoga accessible and inclusive to all people – regardless of your race, age, gender, sexuality, previous experience, or ability. Previously she worked as a Nonprofit Management Consultant and International Development Specialist, taught in rural and urban low-income schools, volunteered for the PeaceCorps and AmeriCorps, hosted a community radio show, and ran an Experiential Education company.


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February 20, 2021