Sarah Henderson


Known for her imaginative teaching that brings stories to life through yoga, Sarah is recognized as an innovator in the kids yoga movement, particularly in adaptive yoga for people with disabilities. She is passionate about teaching kids of all ages and abilities to connect with themselves and others through movement and meditation.

Sarah’s motivation for teaching special populations is a heartfelt connection with her sister Hannah who lives and thrives with Down syndrome.

Sarah became a Kids Yoga Teacher in 2011 after a career in Early Intervention for ages 0-3 and integrative preschool experiences for kids with and without disabilities.

She is a kids and adaptive yoga specialist, an Accessible Yoga ambassador and graduate, and the Director of Curriculum and Communication for the kids yoga brand Next Generation Yoga where she teaches others to share yoga + mindfulness with kids of all abilities and authors their inclusive lesson plans.

Sarah Henderson – Including Kids with Disabilities and Differences

11:30-13:30 EST Sat Apr 17 It can be overwhelming as a teacher when a child with a disability or difference such as ADHD, sensory concerns, or anxiety comes to your yoga class. This workshop will introduce you to some techniques to easily adapt your teaching and include kids with more ease. We will unpack some […]


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March 30, 2016