William Drew

A lifelong meditator, Drew is the founder of Healing House Yoga LLC. Since 2012 Drew has leveraged his experience in project management along with 12,000 hours of teaching mindfulness/meditation through his registered yoga school to benefit those in Health Care, Education and Business. Aside from being a Registered Yoga School Recognized by Yoga Alliance, Healing House Yoga is also a Continuing Education Provider recognized by Minnesota Board of Social Workers as well as Minnesota Board of School Administrators.

Keillen Curtis & William Drew – Know the Laws to Help Build Your Mindfulness Business

This class is designed to review the relationship between 1st Amendment, Title vii of 1964 Civil Rights Act and subsequent cases (reviewed by Keillen Curtis, Esq of Curtis Law LLC, legal counsel to Healing House Yoga LLC) as context to present best practices used by Healing House Yoga LLC and its sister business to attract […]


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February 12, 2021