Scholarships and Work Study Opportunities

Money is a culturally agreed upon way of exchanging value and work. But, it’s a bit more complicated in real life. The mission of the National Kids Yoga Conference is to promote equitable access to yoga and mindfulness education, regardless of means.

Our scholarship and work study program is designed to enable yoga educators who may be experiencing financial hardship, especially those who represent or serve traditionally marginalized or underrepresented communities, to participate in the conference.

However, putting on a conference is expensive. Our staff and presenters deserve to be paid for their time and expertise and our vendors insist on being paid for their services. Our scholarship funding is limited and we want it to go as far as possible, especially when the virtual nature of the conference reduces barriers to participation inherent in in-person events. 

If our $150 community level enrollment is a hardship for you, can you support the conference in other ways?

Work Study – Work study volunteers must commit to a minimum of 12 hours of work and a 2 hr virtual training before the conference. Depending on the work agreed upon, up to 6 hours may be completed during the conference itself (April 16-May 1), the rest must be completed before April 15. Work study participants may begin as soon as their application is accepted. Work study volunteers will receive full registration in the conference and a coupon code for 50% off continuing ed workshop registration for the rest of the year.

Grant Recipients – If work study is not an option, you may apply for grant funding. Please indicate any level of financial commitment you can offer. Grant recipients will be notified of acceptance by March 25. Grant applicants who submit before March 20 are guaranteed a registration space even if the conference sells out before grant notification.