We try to provide guidance in the request for proposals to help potential workshop facilitators write a successful submission, but not every consideration makes sense to include in the RFP directions. Here are a few more tips from our director on winning proposals:

We are looking for thoughtful, engaging workshops that support the needs of the kids yoga community. Good proposals clearly communicate what a participant should expect from your workshop and what benefits, skills, or perspective shift they would take away from the experience. Your proposal should recruit reviewers, and therefore conference participants, to attend your session.

Every year, there are proposals that read like “this is my curriculum” or “this is an excerpt of my teacher training.”  But there are dozens, if not hundreds, of good curricula and teacher trainings out in the kids yoga-verse.

Of course your uniques offerings will be featured in your workshop, but what problem does attending your workshop solve for a kids yoga educator? What transformation are you offering participants?

If you are presenting research or a panel discussion, how is the information you provide going to help participants or change the way they look at what they do?

Your topic needs to be specific enough to be covered in a meaningful way for both beginning and experienced youth yoga educators or niche enough for people self-select into your session appropriately.

We are looking for workshops that cover aspects of teaching yoga for youth that we don’t always get to explore in an introductory kids yoga teacher training weekend.  We are looking for unique perspectives and voices.

Finally, workshops are not the only way to engage with participants in the conference. Please consider the following opportunities:

  • If you wish to highlight your program’s curricula, trainings, products, or services, you are strongly encouraged to apply for conference sponsorship.
  • You might also consider offering your unique class style as a group practice.
  • And if you are looking to find and connect with participants around a common affinity or topic of interest, consider hosting a networking discussion.